2nd Kiteboard: The Black Pearl (carbon/balsa)

Its been a few months since I made this board (June 2009). However I just managed to find some time to write about it.OK, this is my first attempt for a balsa/carbon. No vacuum was used and the shape was designed using some software which you may download here.

Started with the balsa core construction. Used two Balsa layers. The bottom was contraucted by gluing together pieces (6mm thick) as shown in the picture.

I then used the following layers
bottom to top
1 x Carbon Fiber Twill 2x2 700 gr/sqm
1 x Glass Fiber Twill 2x2 300 gr/sqm
Basla core 6mm

On top of this contruction I added the second core layer as follows:
1 x Combination Mat 300 gr/sqm / W. Roving 300 gr/sqm
1 x Basla Layer 8mm

I measured the board, calculated the inserts points, drilled the holes, placed the inserts and filled the holes with epoxy and some fiber pieces since I had no glass bubbles available.

I then added the final layer of
1 x Glass Fiber Twill 2x2 300 gr/sqm
1 x Carbon Fiber Twill 2x2 700 gr/sqm

I cut the edges with a jig saw, opened the inserts holes and covered the edges with three epoxy layers (blue).

I applied two layers of polyurethane polish for UVA protection and here it is....

The Black Pearl
137cm x 41 cmm, Rocker: 3cm, No concave, Weight: 4kgrms (pads and handle included)

I also added a set of 5cm fins. (I have to admit that this procedure was a pain ...)

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